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Who is to blame?

At the end of August 2016, two Poles were attacked in the nearby town of Harlow. Harlow is one of the more xenophobic towns where most people voted for Brexit and the place is noted for being socially disadvantaged, a large proportion living on benefits. Social groups in crisis, in my opinion, are always the ones on the edge of society, whether for financial or other social problems. It’s a perpetual cycle in which these groups always accuse others of their situation. It is always easier to point the finger at someone else than take responsibility for their own lives.

The murder was committed by a group of fifteen-year-old kids who are fed drivel by the media and social networks about how immigrants are taking work from them, have a negative impact on the living standards for all, etc. For me, they are stupid little children who do not yet have their own mind (some don’t even at seventy, but that’s another story). Silly kids who have lots of free time and energy, so they have nothing better to do than to annoy others. Their behavior is nothing more than a reflection of a society that is sadly neglected.

Leaving aside the fact that those brats destroyed a life, their deed, to me is, just a consequence. I do not blame a group of teenagers, but the media and the part of society that shared hateful comments every day. Likewise to blame are those parts of the population (for instance, educated and financially well off) that are aware of this problem, but do not feel the need to do something about it.

Now the underprivileged and uneducated class is the most vulnerable yet the easiest to manipulate, so it is like a ticking bomb. Following Brexit there have been increasing attacks on immigrants, which raised crime levels across England, which in this respect has never been (nor can be) any better than any other country. When it happens within a certain part of society, that devours the awful reasoning of the media each day, this is the side effect it produces. It will always be about the environment in which you live, the information you get and the things you allow to influence you.

We live in a digital age of abundant information and unfortunately, people can not use it to their own benefit, to the extent that they are mostly satisfied with simplistic views that conform to their belief that they’re right. Such views are accepted by them because it brings comfort to their mental pains. There are always about a hundred words and expressions to ease their conscience. The problem is that there are people dying needlessly.

I, therefore, have a utopian desire and dream that one day all the media in the world shall be finally caught by the nose and will not sell headlines with hysterical outbursts but with the higher quality of content, trying to be a good example for society. And they will highlight more good deeds that could inspire others. I believe that we would then live a little better.

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