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[EN] Responsibility

You may have heard about this case, a restaurant owner in England was found guilty after using cheaper peanut powder in place of almond powder, which unfortunately cost one customer’s life; a man who very clearly informed the restaurant about his allergy.

The article personally filled me with a little hope that, after all, there is some justice in this world. The owner defended in the most foolish possible way – stating that the restaurant was not responsible; the chef prepared the food and given by the server. How is it possible that he, the owner, had been accused?

But it was the owner who had employed unqualified staff and managed finances poorly thus forcing chefs to cook with cheap substitutes. It was the owner who was responsible for the running of the restaurant, staff, supplies and for ignoring potential risks.

I wish to see such a just trial taking place more frequently. The responsibility should always fall on the one who is the real cause of often tragic consequences.

In the garden, you also must pull up the weeds and also their roots. Otherwise, they grow again.

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